Get Your Story Right: Shaping Company Culture With Content

Presented With:

Chris Dyer, CEO, PeopleG2
Eric Severson, Chief People & Belonging Officer, Neiman Marcus
Courtney Seiter, VP of People, Hologram Inc.

Thursday, June 10, 2021? |? 11:00 AM PDT |? 1? Hour

What were you really saying in that last email you sent? When you published your latest blog post, how did the language reflect your company? Building a positive company culture affects your business on every level, from the customers you attract to the talent you retain. Your content generation strategy – even on the most nuanced levels – can have a direct, measurable impact on how your company is perceived. How do you execute a content creation strategy that reflects your best self?

In this webinar, LookinLA teams up with company culture expert Chris Dyer, Neiman Marcus Chief?People & Belonging Officer Eric Severson,?Hologram Inc.’s VP of People Courtney Seiter to discuss these questions in detail:

  • How the content you produce represents your company on an external and internal level?
  • Why everything from your email copy to your company logo speaks volumes about your core values?
  • Ways to attract the right talent with the right messaging?
  • How to create a cohesive content strategy that reflects positivity even on the most micro-levels?
  • The small but powerful ways subtleties in language, imagery, and more impact culture