ALUtenax? is an aluminium alloy specific for forging that brings together the main features required for mechanical components of high?performance. lt belongs to AIMgSi alloys which are well-known for their high resistance to corrosion. lts chemical composition is aimed at?assuring higher mechanical and technological characteristics than those of alloys related to the current norms preserving the other properties,?forgeability in particular.

Basically the characteristics that set it apart are:

  • High plasticity and forgeability that allow to obtain pieces with a fairly complex shape and with measurements close to those of the?finished product
  • Good resistance to corrosion and stress cracking
  • Good impact strength
  • Upper medium mechanical characteristics suitable for special use such as automotive industry and transport industry at large
  • Cheapness aIso for pieces with high security requirements

Mechanical characteristics (indicative values usually found in forged pieces)
R = 360 ÷ 420 N/mm2; RpO.2 = 340 ÷ 380 N/mm2; A5= 6 ÷ 12%

Structural characteristics

The technological process undergoes critical controls on the raw material, on the productivity progress (forming, heat treatment, etc.) and?on the final stages and can guarantee high structural characteristics, absence of macrostructural defects and high characteristic constancy?in general.

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